Secure File-sharing for Law Firms

The implementation of a controlled and efficient process of sharing large volumes of files both inside and outside the law organization requires the use of specialized solutions. In this article, we are going to analyze virtual data room as a perfect solution for secure file-sharing.

How to organize secure file-sharing in a virtual data room?

Currently, information and software products play an important role in the practice of any lawyer, the possession of which is a basic competence, regardless of the place of work and position. In any law organization, you have to exchange large files over the Internet with employees, suppliers, partners, customers: now this is part of many business processes. To exchange means to store, transfer, synchronize, work together. The importance of file-sharing has grown with the ubiquity of remote work.

But in file-sharing, as in other areas of IT, security must be a priority. To prevent file-sharing from becoming a potential source of data leaks and violating organizational policies and regulatory requirements, important issues need to be addressed: how to assign rights, how to manage encryption keys, how to audit, how to ensure data sovereignty. Thus, very often, business-critical confidential files are transferred through cloud-based software solutions like virtual data rooms (VDRs). It is a digital platform for secure data storage and efficient collaboration.

Data room software is designed for corporate secure file exchange and secure shared access to them, regardless of their size and format. The software combines ease of use for employees, extensive options for configuring the service for the administrator, measures to control and protect corporate data for the information security service.

The principles of the VDR software functionality

Today, data room electronic document management is not a highly specialized solution, not a tool exclusively for retailers, manufacturers, or logistics, it is the optimization of business processes for absolutely all industry representatives, regardless of the scale of activity. It is important for law companies to find an offer that will combine all the necessary functionality for running a successful business in one ecosystem while remaining a convenient, reliable, and profitable tool.

VDR allows you to upload files to the central storage via a web interface and, if necessary, share them with both employees of the organization and external contractors and partners while ensuring reliable data security. File access control allows companies to select specific users who can access shared files. External users can also upload response files using the convenient guest portal.

The VDR software allows law companies to solve the following tasks:

  • efficient collaboration on electronic documents;
  • convenient exchange of large files between employees of the organization and contractors;
  • providing secure access to files from various devices.;
  • data backup in real-time;
  • document version control process.

Data room also provides file synchronization and replication between different devices, a unified approach to the transfer and processing of company files for any department, as well as file structure and access policies that apply to the entire organization.

What are the VDR benefits for law firms?

Implementation of the VDR system in the legal department in conjunction with organizational measures can give the following positive effects:

  • The human factor is eliminated – the program negates the risk of missing an important meeting or task.
  • The loss of documents is prevented – they are all registered in the system and generate a reaction. From now on, any important legal information, including about risks, will be distributed quickly and correctly.
  • It becomes easier to analyze the performance indicators of a lawyer and a manager since all the information for analysis is collected at one point.